Monday, October 22, 2012

Current inspiration!

Snow by Nom Kinnear King
Snow by Nom Kinnear King

This is a gorgeous painting, but please pay attention to the comb in the upper right.

I now have 3 pieces in the works based on that comb. Something about it just made me want to make it.

One is a fairly straight interpretation, ivory that is carved in, but not through, around the swirls. It will be tinted in the carved parts to make the pattern pop. The second will be pearl, carved through and cut out. It is turning out the be the finest saw work I've ever done. The third will actually be copper and bronze wire filigree, hinged onto a tortoise comb. This will be my first properly hinged comb, and if I can get this to work out, expect to see more metal ornaments hinged onto acrylic bases.

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