Friday, November 23, 2012


Just a quick heads up: Everything in the NightshadeRose Studio ArtFire Store is 20% off through Monday!  So, that's jewelry, buttons, art, claws, and hair combs at prices you probably won't see again until I get bored with the inventory next summer. There are a few more new pieces that will be listing on Friday and Saturday as well, like this awesome handpainted enamel medallion:

So come take a look around. You might just find that perfect gift for someone special (or maybe even yourself).

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Return of Forged Hairpins! (among other things)

 The forged Bronze Hairpins are back in stock at both Artfire and Etsy, with a sleek new look that's easier to use and holds fine hair even better.

They will soon be joined by a version in sterling silver, for those who want a slightly different look.

Copper claws are now listed on ArtFire, along with brass and bronze, and should be making their way over to Etsy shortly.

I knotted up 3 pearl strands during Orycon, so expect to see those showing up soon (and there's another gem show next weekend, so who know's what I'll come back with!).

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OryCon Recap

One of the great things about shows is that I get to actually see all the things I've been working on, all together and finished.
This is the stuff I took to OryCon, as laid out on my hotel room desk on Thursday night:

I had them all out because I was doing the final labeling and check-in.  I've recently changed up my inventory system to account for multiples of any given item, so I had to put item numbers on everything (thus the profusion of tiny tags).
This next pic is just the tray of buttons.  They are far more awesome displayed all together than individually scattered around the studio.

So the con itself went alright.  I'll probably be back next year. The most positive upshot of the whole thing is that I think I've found the niches I want to settle into, and I now know I have a fairly wide variety of things I can consistently reproduce, so I can now start marketing to various sorts of applicable shops. This will be a whole new adventure.