Sunday, June 26, 2011

Short post

The tail end of a 2-week vacation is not really the best time for me to wax philosophical about location and aesthetics.  I'm kind of tired, and need a few days to recover and organize my thoughts.  Instead I'll leave you with a few pictures and some news.  Please note that my phone is the only camera I had with me on this trip.

First, this is my homeland:
from the scenic overlook on 360 south of the river
If you look closely, you can see the Austin skyline out beyond the hills.  My part of Texas is NOT flat.

Next we have pictures of my display in the Apollocon art show, just after setup.  The lighting didn't acutally suck quite as bad as the pictures look.  It required 4 frames to capture it all, from left to right:

As for the news:  I managed to sell 2 pendants and a hair pin, to complete strangers, even.  So if you were thinking about Pacific Rim, or Gas Giant #2, sorry, you missed them.

The next post will probably contain more pictures of my homeland, and possibly a discussion of art & place.

Until then....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Deep in the Heart...

Posting from Austin, TX.  The vacation has been great.  It's been food, food, food, and margaritas the whole way.  Also "Dark & Stormy #1: the Kraken" has sold, as well as the "copper spirals and pearls" necklace.  Prints of  "Dark & Stormy..." will be available soon, and the piece will still be displayed at ApolloCon.

On a design-related note, someone erected a ginormous USB flash drive in my (Austin's) downtown:
it's the one kind of in the background. they call it "the Austonian"
I thoroughly disapprove.

Next post will be form the end of ApolloCon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

All my exes...

Ok, not all of them, but a significant few.  Nonetheless I'm in Texas until 6/23, visiting family and friends and attending ApolloCon.  The last couple of weeks have been intensely busy, what with trying to finish things for school, and get everything ready for the Con.
"Dark & Stormy #1: The Kraken"  3.5"X2.5" cloisonne tile

I have 30 pieces that I intend to enter, some of which are previously unseen, and which I'll have to get someone to take pictures of before they get sold.  I've been on a compass rose kick of late, so I have 2 brooches on those lines, with more pieces to come.
"Directions #1" 2.25" cloisonne brooch

 I also spent a significant chunk of change on very nice pearls at the SNAG conference, so expect those to be figuring in more of my work coming up.  So, on that note, I will leave you with some pictures of things in process, some of which are done, and some not..

Just a quick explanation on those last two:  I have new tools!  well, materials, anyway.  acrylic painting enamels, and water-based underglaze paints, so I can do more subtle shading and more painterly patterns.  I'm pretty damned pleased with them.