Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall into Winter

Well, the Seattle summer ended rather definitively, with the wettest September on record. That's not great for my energy levels, but good for longer kiln-running hours. I've been in heavy production mode lately, getting ready for the Northwest Bead Society Bead Bazaar this weekend. It's October 5th & 6th in the Hansen events center at Comcast Arena in Everett, WA. I've been making a lot of buttons, in various styles, but quite a lot of handpaint.
Works in progress

Hand-Painted Knots

I've also been working on a few special cloisonne pieces as examples of the custom work that I'm capable of:
Before firing #4

After firing #4
 I did manage to actually finish a few, too!
The tiny blue star, the derpiest jack-o-lantern, and the awesomest rose
I hope, if you're in the area, you come out to the Beed Bazaar! If not, look for a steady increase in listings on Artfire and Etsy as we get into the holiday season.