Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quite a week!

Foolscap was awesome as usual. I sat on panels (and moderated one!), had a table in art show, and spent a pretty large chunk of Saturday carving acrylic in public at an Artist's Alley table.  I made a few new things for this show, mostly as a way of playing with these medallion settings:
Full moon #7 

Coffee Medallion #2 (Talisman of Increased Wakefulness)
Sanguineous Drop

The second coffee medalllion and Sanguineous Drop sold at Foolscap, as well as the Wave hair comb (the one with the swirls and rhinestones).
Funny story about the coffee necklace: It was purchased form Art Show specifically to be put in the charity auction.  At auction there ended up being a bidding war between #s 42, and 69.  :-P

I've been putting a little more effort into developing my acrylic offerings lately, and have started to branch out beyond combs and hairpins:

The "Glass" Tiara. This is just a phone pic. I won't have formal product pics 'till next week.
I did my first-ever tiara out of an acrylic that was tinted to look like older glass. This was the end result of asking myself the question "What shall I wear while I'm sitting at the Artist's Alley table?"  I think I'm going to carve a leafy one out of the same plastic.

So, that costume prop "bone" dagger I showed a few weeks ago came back for further improvements. I did some carving and tinting and added a little bit of beadwork, and ended up with this:
"Bone" Dagger prop for assassin character
I'm pleased.  Pleased enough, in fact, that I think I'll be doing another dagger prop for OryCon. I know I can get the "glass" material thick enough to carve on. Do you think I can sell a "glass" dagger?

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Update: Brass Claws are up on Artfire!!!

The new batch of claws is starting to trickle into availability!  Brass should be available tomorrow night or Saturday, and bronze and copper will be coming in over the next couple of weeks.

They'll be available in 3 standard sizes: Small-fits finger sizes 1.5" to 1.75", Medium-fits 1.75"-2.125", and Large-fits 2"-2.5".  I'll have them on Artfire and at convention dealers' room tables (next one is Orycon!) until they're sold out.  Then that will be it until I'm up for making more.