Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The year's quite full show schedule

Considering that the season really started last week with Norwescon, I thought maybe I should outline where I and my work will be making appearances for the rest of the year.

May 17 - June 10:  Seattle, WA:  North Seattle Community College Student Show, NSCC gallery.  The solar system will be there, as well as whatever elemental creatures I have done.
June 24 - 26: Houston, TX:  Apollocon.  Attending, and I've got 2 tables reserved in the Art Show.  There may be a new illustration project or 2 along with the creatures and astronomy.  I'll also likely have prints available for private sale (not in the show, since they don't have a print shop and I'll be displaying all the originals).
August 12 - 14: Spokane, WA:  SpoCon.  Attending and hopefully displaying in the Art Show (haven't heard back about availability yet)
September 16 - 18: Redmond, WA: Foolscap. Attending and hopefully displaying in the Art Show.
November 11 - 13: Portland, OR: OryCon. Attending and hopefully displaying in the Art Show.

That's the schedule so far.It doesn't look like much until you start accounting for all the travel and that I'll likely have 2 tables/panels to fill at each show.  August also includes working GenCon and Pax as a demo person with Sandstorm Productions, a game publishing company that friends of mine are heavily involved with.  Hopefully next year, I'll have enough prints of things to be able to mail them in to shows that I can't attend.  At this point it's all about getting exposure.

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