Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apologies for missed posts

The last couple of weeks have just been crazy, and the next few will be more so, but not necessarily in a way that will make me miss posts.  I make it up to you with many pictures.

This is my packaging: cute little tins with stickers on and purple tissue inside

Blessed Sky
"Blessed Sky" pendant.  If you look closely there's a very subtle pentagram worked into it.

Different Worlds: Blue Marble #7 (Pacific Rim)
Blue Marble #7: Pacific Rim.  It's got Australia!

Firebird pendant
What can I say, I like firebirds.

Different Worlds: Sun #2
A larger, pendant version of the sun from "One Sun, Nine Planets..."

Different Worlds: Gas Giant #2
Another Gas Giant type planet

Creature of Air
The final scan of Creature of Air.
Creature of Earth
The final scan of Creature of Earth.

So, yes, I've got the elemental creatures done.  I'm working on my next few things, one of which is titled "Leviathan."  Hopefully there will be more timely pictures of that one.

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