Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update on production and things

So this happened today:

The international gem and jewelry show was this weekend, so I stopped by to score some wholesale pearls. I'm really happy with the coin pearls.  They're almost certainly going to be used as dangles off of something. The very dark strands are a blue-green color that I think will be spectacular when mixed with other glass beads or enamel pieces.

I also got a few small cabochon stones for pendants or hair clips,
Clockwise from top left: Indian sunstone, tourmalated quartz, labradorite, and kyanite

as well as some sterling findings.  I think it's time to step up my game with some of the incidental metal bits.

The blanks for the next batch of claws was done earlier than I expected, so I'll probably start working on those this week, with availability to purchase by mid-September.

I also did a quick/dirty acrylic carving project for a friend:

This is a faux "bone" dagger for use as a costume prop that could specifically go overseas and cross international borders (most customs agencies frown on bringing actual animal products across borders).  This one is fairly simple, since it was a 24hr job: just carved the plastic, aged and dyed it for a less plastic-y look, and wrapped on a hilt.  When he returns, I'm going to ask if I can dress it up a bit with dyed carvings in the blade and a little bit of beadwork on the end of the hilt.  If the answer is yes, then it will be something worth taking pics of for the portfolio.
I never remember how much I like/miss carving things until I get to do it again.

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