Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Y'all remember this in-progress carved acrylic piece?

Well, it eventually got finished:

I'm reasonably pleased, but I'm probably going to go back in with the heat gun and take out a little bit of the curve. I'm working with other colors of acrylic as well:

I really liked doing these hairpins, and (while I admit they're a bit crude) I think they're pretty good for having been completely free-handed in a couple of hours. They've been tested in my crazy hair, and I didn't manage to break any of them, so they're structurally sound. The "ivory" pins have been useful, but I'll probably put an antique finish on them before I declare them done-done.  The "tortoiseshell" is a somewhat more vexing problem.  That pin was cut from a sample that took nearly 2 months to arrive, and I have reason to doubt the dependability of the manufacturer. Unfortunately, they're the only people I could find offering marbled-pattern acrylic sheets in reasonable sizes (next best minimum order is five 4'x8' sheets).  So negotiations will continue and hopefully this will work out.  I really want to have the "tortoiseshell" to work with.

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